The serial blogger gets serious

ImageI’m a serial blogger. No, not the kind who blogs everyday, penning enchanting, light-hearted posts about life and love, but the kind who starts a blog, writes one or two posts, let’s too much time pass, forgets about said blog and then starts another one and so on and so on.

It’s embarrassing.

Let’s see, I’ve written about wanting to be a finisher (I didn’t finish that one). I made a vow to get back to being “high-school skinny.” (The class reunion came and went and I was anything but.) I planned to document the life of my daughter. (In the last photos I posted, she was beginning to crawl. SHE’S IN KINDERGARTEN NOW.)

Alas… Here are a few of my starts and stalls:

(And those are just the ones I remember.)

My excuse? I’ve been knee-deep in the life of a thirty-something-knocking-on-forty -working-mommy-of-two-preacher’s-wife-sister-and-daughter. That’s a mouth full and a plate full.

No more excuses, though. No more of this foolishness. My goal is to let this blog be my last one. I’m no longer playing the field. I’m marrying this baby, gonna put a ring on it.

I plan to finally blog and keep it going – for more than a week. (Seriously, I mean it.) Marie Sutton Writes will be a venue to post musings, essays, etc. and eventually put together a book.

I plan to write about the craziness of being a working mom, wife and famous writer wannabe. I will chime in about societal ills, race issues, The South, be transparent and hopefully help make someone smile, laugh or think.

This time, it’s now or never. (Gulp)

Wish me luck.


6 Replies to “The serial blogger gets serious”

  1. Good luck! I know exactly what you mean about starting and never finishing. If you use this one place as a repository for all your various thoughts it will seem full soopn enough 🙂

  2. hello ms. marie~~! i can totally relate to this. it’s a good thing though that you kept your old blogs.i deleted mine.i thought there was nothing i could do to i regret doing that.

    good luck with blogging this time! 😀

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