Kindergarten is hard, on a mom

I didn’t cry when my daughter went to kindergarten for the first time last Monday. We had already met the teacher. She had been in preschool for years, and during the first week, she would only be in school half days. So, we were ready.

Today, however, her first day in school all day (including after-school care), I find myself anxious, wanting to run non-stop all the way to her and scoop her in my arms and never let go.

As a parent, we raise our children with the purpose to make them independent, to eventually let them go lead their own lives. It’s becoming more real now. She’ll need me less and less and that makes me sad.

Although I can’t stop her from needing me less, what I can do is make sure that I am the type of mommy who she’ll always want to run back to when she does need me. And, hopefully, she’ll let me run to her as well, because I’ll always need my baby girl.


3 Replies to “Kindergarten is hard, on a mom”

  1. I love this Marie. When my oldest daughter began kindergarten (who is now 11) , I laughed at the crying mothers as I walked to my car when I dropped her off in her classroom. And then….it happened. As I drove away and the school got smaller and smaller in my rearview mirror (Kim….don’t…do….it) BWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I was a sloppy mess! But what gave me comfort was her face at the end of the day; as a matter of fact, at the end of every day. How she tells me about another new thing she learned or a new task she accomplished and many of them with little or no supervision from her teacher- That is a blessing 🙂 So I asked myself, “Why cry Kim?” There are mothers who would LOVE to even see their baby walk, talk, or have motor skills at this age, but were probably born with disabilities that they have no control of. Be proud of your baby girl, and proud of the fact that she knows that she only has ONE mama- and one who is absolutely irreplaceable!

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