My body’s a playground…well, sort of

I was helping my 5 year-old daughter with her homework recently and reached across her to grab a pencil. As if in slow motion, she stopped and stared at my arm. Then, she grabbed the underhang and gave in to an urge to … PUSH.

Ever so gently, it began to swiiiiiing back and forth, back and forth.

Amused, she pushed it again.



“Wow,” she said with eyes as round as shiny quarters. “It swings.”

Then, she lifted her petite arm and tried to see if hers would do the same. It didn’t.

Although I was mortified, at least I can say that I provided her with some momentary enjoyment. Right? Now, where’s the number to Gold’s Gym?


5 Replies to “My body’s a playground…well, sort of”

  1. Hilarious! My younger brother does this to me all the time, but considering he’s 24 it’s not cute your story. I’m definitely going to Body Pump in the morning.

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