Voting, for me, is sacred

Every time I go to the polls to vote I get teary. That’s no lie.

When I step onto the grounds of the little elementary school where I vote, something washes over me. I feel as if I am not alone, but walking with an army of my ancestors.

I feel so honored to have the freedom to vote because I know there were people who looked like me and who were my gender, who wished to God that they could.

They were locked out, threatened, intimidated and even killed.

How can I not honor them by exercising my right to vote? Every time I go, I do it for them, in honor of their legacy. I know that my freedom is an answer to their prayers.



One Reply to “Voting, for me, is sacred”

  1. I am so honored to be able to vote when I think of the price that was paid by people like Harriet Tubman, all I can do is say thank you Father God for those brave Warriors who paid the price for this wonderful opportunity to VOTE!!!!!!

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