It’s too much…

simonestephen2Today, kindergartners, the same age as my daughter, were gunned down.

I am gutted. Breathless. Heartbroken.

Sweet-faced children who probably had mile-long Christmas lists, adored ‘Dora the Explorer’ and worshipped their parents are gone.

And, for the ones who did not lose their lives, they were not spared. They lost their innocence, and will likely be plagued with nightmares and fears they do not deserve.

Right now, I want to grab my children, bury my head in their chests and weep. I long to squeeze them, and thank God for the sound of the heart beating in their chests.

There are mommies and daddies in Connecticut who can’t do that today. Their babies are gone.

Dear God, it’s too much.


2 Replies to “It’s too much…”

  1. This is one of the worst things that could happen!!!!!! Lord help us to keep our Children covered in Prayer!!! We must keep these families in our prayers!!

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