A prayer for the New Year

From sxc.hu

Dear God,

This year, help me to shed the spirit of mediocrity that has served as a millstone around my neck, and teach me to clothe myself in excellence so that I can soar toward my passion and purpose.

Help me to not be bound by what others think of me, their words and expectations.

Empower me with the courage and strength to be me, and trust that, that is good.

Help me to say “no” with frequency, and to say “yes” to me.

Help me to not mourn when others don’t recognize my greatness, and to celebrate my own brilliance (and not be ashamed of it).

Help me to love my body into healthy subjection, to lavish it with the fruits and vegetables you have created. Teach me to dance and sing and laugh out loud with reckless abandon.

Grant me the wisdom to be a role model to my children, and to view life with optimism and a hunger for learning.

Remind me to linger in my husband’s arms, and to pray for him while he sleeps.

Help me to be faithful to the talents you have given me and not neglect them and thereby dishonor you.

Help me to be grateful for what you have given me, and to give without keeping count.

Let me not be selfish and obsessed with myself, and to recognize the pain and needs of others. And when there is a need, teach me to be sensitive enough to be the extension of your hands and feet.

Help me to make every single day count, so that 2014 will be the launching of the “Marie” you have created me to be. And when that happens, help me to not think that I can take any credit, because it all belongs to you.


Happy New Year


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